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Amazing America- Keeps surprising you every day! With a great array of cultures, landscapes and lively cities, this vast land offers endless opportunities to explore. From breathtaking Niagara falls and the famous Statue of Liberty to vibrant Yellowstone Park and spectacular marine life of the west, the charm of America is as diverse as its people. Holidays in America with Canopus can be a life enriching experience as one .... Beloved Disneyland Park; Fun & Learn at NASA; Golden Gate Bay Cruise.





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NASA With Theme Parks And New York Excursion Itinerary Highlights:


India - Orlando

We are arriving in the dream city of Disney World and NASA , Orlando. Check in at hotel near Kennedy Space Center. Free time for relaxation .

Kennedy Space Center

We are entering into the world of Kennedy Space Center where everyday is a new beginning , new exploration, new understanding about space, astronaut and astronomy. We will design and construct an "eggstronaut" crew vehicle in the Crew Capsule Design, a true hands on experience and enjoy activities like Newton's car engineering, constructing and launching own air rockets, Team Engineering Challenges like designing, building and testing a truss segment. Watching a 3D IMAX on 22 meter screen is ju st awesome.

Kennedy Space Center

Visiting Apollo Saturn V Center is like exploring everything about Moon Mission and Rockets. Watching Neil Armstrong landing on moon is equally thrilling. Take a Windshield Tour to follow the path the Shuttle takes as it exits the Vehicle Assembly Building and also have the opportunity to view the Shuttle Landing Facility. Enjoy Shuttle plaza tour and Shuttle launch experience. Visit Robot Scouts" to learn how robot computers are sent out into space to do things that are not safe for humans.

Kennedy Space Center - Astronaut Training Experience (ATX), Orlando

Will meet an astronaut who will talk about the future of space exploration, we can ask questions and receive an autographed souvenir. Then we will visit Astronaut Hall of Fame training floor to see the world's largest collection of personal astronau t memorabilia, plus historic spacecrafts. Experience Simulators like G-force centrifuge, Shuttle landing, Earth orbit and Education Training which includes the Multi-Axis trainer, Zero-Gravity Wall, 1/6th Gravity Trainer and T-Chair. Experience world of Astronaut Training, a fun and knowledge filled day. Visit International Space Station Center and Shuttle launch pad. Let us tour around Rocket Garden, Early Space Exploration and history of space flight. Finally the Graduation and closing ceremonies where Campers will be awarded certificates of completion. Later check in at hotel in Orlando.

Magic Kingdom

We are visiting wonderful, exciting dream world of Disneyland, it is all about imagination and dream come true journey through world of happiness and fascination. Let us enjoy rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain etc. Disney Parade, Haunted Mansion, Spectacular shows, see all animated characters, enjoy small world of dolls around the various culture of the world and much more.

Universal Studio - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando

Universal Studio another exciting place on earth. Join Harry Potter and his friends as adventure into a world where magic is real. We will enjoy pulse pounding rides Dragon Challenges, Flights of the Hippogrill, and Harry Potter and the forbidden journey.

Sea World, Orlando

Sea World will take us on a wonderful journey where wonders exist beyond the ocean's door. Full day fun at Sea World. Enjoy various shows such as the Sensational Shamu, Believe, Blue Horizon. Thrills await for you at Kraken, Atlantis and many more t o enjoy.

Orlando - New York

Enter into the world of Sky Scrapers, the most populous city and commercial capital of the world, New York. Check in at Hotel and free time for relaxation

New York - City Tour - Liberty Island

Experience the fastest lift to 80th floor in 2 minutes to reach Observation Deck of Empire State Building, United Nations Building, Ground Zero site, 5th Avenue, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and explore amazing facts about the city. Then we will proceed to the icon of New York, 'The Statue of Liberty' known as Goddess of Freedom, let us learn more than 100 years of history about the statue. Plenty of opportunities to photograph yourself with these landmarks. Later transfer to the airport to take the flight to India.


Reach India I know you don't want this amazing journey to end but we must say good bye to each other and return to own world to explore our own success stories. Let us be in contact with each other through email and calls…. And meet again on one more memorable tour. See you all !! Tour concludes.


Kennedy Space Center is America's gateway to the Universe. It is the location from where man set off on a historic voyage to land on the moon and from where all of NASA's missions are launched into Space. The Camp KSC programme at NASA's Kennedy Space Center is a unique opportunity for students to connect with the future and learn an early appreciation for engineering, technology, science and space travel.

Modules at John F. Kennedy Space Center
NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Centre set the stage for the American adventure in space. Sprawled across 140,000 acres on Florida's Atlantic coast, the center has hosted the succession of rocket launches that have rewritten our knowledge of aeronautics and Chosen because of its perfect location, with the wide Atlantic providing a buffer, Kennedy Space Center manages and operates America's astronaut launch facilities. Serving as the base for the country's three space shuttles, KSC has been the launch site for every U.S. human space flight since December 1968. Its iconic Vehicle world by Volume [1 ] and was the largest when completed in 1965.

Each year, millions of visitors from across the world make the trek to this hub of technology and discovery, where many of mankind's greatest Kennedy Space Center will continue to make history as NASA embarks At Camp Kennedy Space Center (KSC), young students will experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulations, tours of Kennedy Space Center and the chance to witness you don’t have to be an astronaut to train like one. Modules during stay at KSC are:

Astronaut Hall of Fame - Students enjoy a guided tour of the Astronaut Hall of Fame. They will view spaceflight memorabilia, space-related artifacts, and an actual Mercury spacecraft and Gemini Training spacecraft. They will also experience a variety of hands-on activities in our Simulator room. On our Education Training Floor, students will experience the thrill of motion-based astronaut training simulators modeled after those used to train for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Shuttle Programs. This may include the Multi-Axis trainer, Micro-Gravity Wall, and T-Chair (trajectory).

Meet and Greet with an Astronaut - Students meet an actual space explorer, who will talk about the future of space exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions and later they receive an autographed souvenir from their astronaut guest.

Rocket Garden and Early Space Exploration
Educators introduce the concept of space travel by guiding students through the early years of NASA. Students encounter and photograph the actual rockets, spaceships spacecraft and spacesuits from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs while hearing stories of our early space heroes. Educators guide them through a detailed explanation of the operation of Launch Complex 39 where Apollo 11 started its historic journey to the moon. Students construct, then launch, their own air rockets in a field adjacent to the huge rockets in the historical Rocket Garden. Prizes are awarded for distance, design and accuracy.

Windshield Tour –The students follow the path the Shuttle takes as it exits the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) onto the crawlerway on its journey to Launch Pad 39A. Students also have the opportunity to view the Shuttle Landing Facility, site of the shuttle’s return home to the Kennedy Space Center.

Apollo/Saturn V Center
Students are transported aboard a KSC bus to the spectacular Apollo/Saturn V Center where dramatic multi-media shows and numerous hands-on displays provide visitor with an inspirational and exhilarating look into America’s quest for the moon. Students relive the historic launch of Apollo 8 at the Firing Room Theater, then marvel at a monstrous 363-foot long Satrun V moon rocket. Finally, the Lunar Theater provides a rare look at the harrowing final moments before man landed on the moon.

“Apollo- Soyuz” Cultural Exchange
International students are introduced to students from Camp KSC’s domestic camp, for an international Cultural exchange

“Moon Beams" Team Engineering Challenge
Students team-up as they are presented with a NASA engineering challenge: To design, build and test a truss segment similar to those that might be used aboard future spacecraft. Prizes are awarded to the teams who design and construct the strongest truss segment.

World Space Agencies
Students receive an up to date briefing on the state of international space efforts. Educators will highlight the achievements of each space faring nation.

3D-IMAX Films
Students view fantastic 3-D IMAX films on the International Space Station on one of Kennedy Space Center's 5-story IMAX screens.

Lunch with an Astronaut
Students experience a buffet lunch and meet an actual space explorer, who will talk about the future of space exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions and later they receive an autographed souvenir from their astronaut guest.

* The above sample agenda is subject to change due to KSC operations, Visitor Complex operations, launches and special events. KSC is a dynamic, active operational space flight facility. Every effort will be made to include all program activities above, but activities may be presented in different sequences due to center operations and requirements.

During the three day camp at Kennedy Space Center students will:

1. Work on innovative projects
2. Participate in a day long astronaut training experience
3. Meet a NASA astronaut who will share his/her experiences
4. Take exclusive tours of the facilities at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
5. Watch space shows and space movies

Tour of Kennedy Space Center
Students will be provided an exclusive guided bus tour of the space flight facilities at Kennedy Space Center. During the tour students will be transported to a viewing area for Launch Complex 39 to see the pad where Apollo 11 started its historic journey to the moon as well as the beginning of the majority of space shuttle missions. Students will also see the Shuttle Landing Facility, Orbiter Processing Facilities, the Space Shuttle Crawler Transporters and the huge Vehicle Assembly Building which is the tallest single storey building in the world. Kennedy Space Center is also the home of the retired Space Shuttle Atlantis. Students will be able to explore the actual Space Shuttle when it opens for public viewing in 2013.

Students will also visit the spectacular Apollo Saturn V Center where they will encounter an actual moon rocket and witness man's first launch to lunar orbit and the first step on the moon. A lunar rover and rock samples from the moon are also at display at the Saturn V Center. NASA Educators will introduce the concept of space travel by guiding students through the early years of NASA during the Rocket Garden and Early Space Exploration Tour. Students will encounter and photograph the actual rockets, spaceships, spacecraft and space suits from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programmes while hearing stories of early space heroes.

Presentation By An Astronaut
Students will have the opportunity of meeting an actual NASA astronaut, who will make a presentation about his / her experiences in space and the future of space exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions and interact with their astronaut guest.

Astronaut Training Experience
Students will put into the shoes for an astronaut for a day. Using the motion based astronaut training simulators modelled after the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle Programmes, students will get to experience the training that astronauts do before they launch into space. Some of the motion based simulators include the Multi-Axis trainer, Micro-Gravity Wall and T-Chair (trajectory). After their training, students will participate in a full scale simulation of a space shuttle mission. Students will get vertical as they ride the Shuttle Launch Experience, an authentic flight simulator designed to replicate the thrill of launching into space aboard the Space Shuttle.

Students will be divided into small teams and will be presented with several engineering challenges. These include designing and building a truss structure similar to those that might be used aboard future spacecraft, designing and constructing a model rocket, designing a crew capsule that can safely land on the ground with a raw egg inside representing an astronaut.

Graduation Ceremony
The culmination of the three day education programme is the graduation ceremony. Each participant in the programme will awarded a certificate of completion

Orlando with Sea World, Disney World, Universal Studios:

Disney World
Apart from education, students will enjoy the magical attractions of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios / Sea World.

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom, one of four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, is among the most visited theme parks in the world. It captures the enchantment of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions, backstage tours and beloved Disney Characters.

Epcot is another one of the prominent theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort, dedicated to international culture and technological innovations. It is the third most visited theme park in United States, and ranks sixth among the most visited parks of the world.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney's Hollywood Studios, a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of Hollywood-style action with live shows, thrilling attraction, backstage tours and special events dedicated purely to entertainment,all exclusively at this park. It is the fourth most visited amusement park in United States and seventh most visited in the world.

Animal Kingdom
The first Disney Theme Park subjected entirely around conservation, accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, signifying the exceeding standards that have been met in Education, Conservation and Research.

Universal Studio
Universal Studios has plenty for younger kids like the E.T. Adventure, a fanciful experience where one rides its own bike through the night sky.

Sea World
Sea World is a combination of both marine life park with compelling stadium shows and a rider park that features variety of thriller rides, wild coasters and other breath taking attractions. The parks feature captive orca, sea lion and dolphin shows along with zoological displays featuring various other marine animals.

New York City

Niagara Falls

Washington DC

Hershey Chocolate Factory and Hershey Park

Students are served three meals and day and will also be provided light refreshments during the course of the day. Vegetarian meals options are available.

Age Group : 9 to 18 years

Duration: 13 Days/ 12 Nights

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