Rucha Sanap
Lazy swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, sailing under clear blue skies, walking to remote and ancient cities with an expert guide and finishing the day with a glass of wine and delicious Turkish food. The Walking the Lycian Shore holiday in Turkey provided all this and more, every day, for two wonderful weeks.
Tej Sharma
The beauty and history of Turkey combined with our guide’s in-depth knowledge and attention to detail, the hiking , the swimming , the sailing and the friendliness of the crew and the people we met, combined to make one of our best holidays ever. Thank you.
Sagar Tripathi
Canopus Holidays team is absolutely amazing! My favorite part of the tour was when we visited the Old City in Athens. The sights were breathtaking. This was my first time traveling abroad and I had a great experience. The tour guides were very knowledgeable. I'm already looking forward to my next trip with Canopus Holidays
Gaurav Sharma
The trip was fantastic! We loved exploring all three of the Indochina countries. Our guide in Cambodia was also fantastic—he was very knowledgeable, kind, and humble. The two champagne treats that were worked in to our Siem Reap trip were a total surprise and much appreciated!
Yash Singh
You know, when expectations are sky high, as they were for this trip, there is a very high risk of disappointment. Still, this trip exceeded our expectations. It was truly an incredible, awesome experience. Thanks again for your expertise in putting together this trip. We’ll most definitely go to Africa again in the future.
Maria Rose
We enjoyed the company on the boat and the consideration of the crew and in particular that of Sophy. Sophy was truly excellent, her people skills matched her archaeological knowledge. Sophy was absolutely excellent. Extremely well informed and personable.
Neha Singh
Exploring Sicily took us back to the ancient past of the island, its invaders, conquerors and settlers. Every day brought new delights: classical temples, fortresses, sculptures, amphitheatres and medieval. The two weeks were filled with fascinating visits to a wide range of destinations.
Karan Nandu
The combination of our beautiful gleaming gulet, a totally professional crew, a talented chef producing exquisite yet simple dishes, our lovely local guide and our scholar tour leader who led us into the magic of the ancient world with charm and humour was a rare privilege. We went to deserted bays to swim every day, when there was wind the sails went up and we gently sailed along the beautiful coastline. All the sites were fascinating… Every night one’s head was reeling with what one had seen and heard. What more can I say? I shall never forget it.
Anthony Fernandes
My experience on the gulet equals one of the best family vacations we ever took. The water for swimming everyday was always perfect. There was plenty of time to be ashore and learn really interesting things from Heinrich, who was like a walking encyclopaedia, and yet have plenty of time to Kayak and swim and still get in a nap. The crew served great food and were great guys. Both my sister and I agree, we want to go again this summer!
Rakesh Shetty
The Exploring Istanbul tour was extremely stimulating, intellectually and visually... I hung on the guide's every word and wished I could go back to College to study the Byzantine period... It was one of the best family holidays we ever had.
Rini Anthony
Thank you for a truly sensational trip this past week. A perfect balance of relaxation, ancient exploration, beauty, incredible food and very congenial company. We look forward to our next... thanks again from us both for an extraordinary trip!
Kathik Bhattacharya
There were lots of places on the boat where we could sit back and just enjoy the scenery or read a book or get together with the other passengers. The food was fabulous and wine was provided with dinner each night. Each day had a planned site visit for about three or four hours and there was plenty of time to swim and relax. lt was a fascinating trip for those who like to dig a little deeper than the generic guidebook, as the cruise does visit well known and remote archaeological sites. We enjoyed the company of others from around the world who seemed to have led interesting and varied lives.
Rishi Rathod
A fascinating trip that was both enjoyable & educational. There is so much more to see in Sicily than I had realised, and this trip really showed us beautiful scenery, superb cooking, fine wines, and complicated history, in addition to the famous temples & churches that I'd anticipated. Our guides were excellent - a great combination of local & historical knowledge and careful organisation.
Kritika Khurana
It really was a wonderful holiday; the perfect combination of culture and relaxation. Swimming in secluded bays, excellent food and good company. What more could one ask for? Everyone looked after us so well and we came back refreshed and relaxed and much better informed.
Alexa Mckenzie
We used Canopus Holidays for the first time to have them plan our honeymoon. Our consultant Robyn was magnificent. We never could of planned anything as amazing and seamless! The people, food and country were all so wonderful! Thank you for making our dream come true!
Hussain Ansari
I was a tourist in Iran during The Arab Spring. To me, it was an excursion to Persia organized by Canopus Holidays, to see one of the most historic places on earth. The beautiful and ancient architecture, the elegant and mesmerizing tile work, the romantic poetry, warm and friendly people, the anticipation of an unfamiliar destination all profoundly exceeded my expectations. Iran is a fantastic destination.
Amy Watson
Traveling as a guest on the Alexander the Great Tour in Turkey was a highlight of my life. This was my first trip abroad and my first to Turkey. The food was outstanding, the accommodations comfortable and convenient, the tour guides knowledgeable and courteous, and the cities and historic locations visited were incredible. I look forward to my next Canopus Holidays.
Reshma Doshi
The Exploring Istanbul tour was extremely stimulating, intellectually and visually... I hung on the guide's every word and wished I could go back to College to study the Byzantine period... It was one of the best family holidays we ever had.
Chirag Jain
This was my second trip with Canopus Holidays, and once again, it was pure pleasure. Every day of the journey reminded me of just why I signed up again: lovely accommodation, wonderful food, and most of all the thrill of knowing that every day would bring a new adventure. Thank you, Kunal Pathak, for once again proving that your tours are the very best in Turkey.
Alison Dsouza
Ben and I loved the Alexander the Great tour in Turkey and it just gets better with each passing month as the happy memories float back into mind. And what delightful company.
Bharat Chabriya
This tour was an amazing experience seamlessly orchestrated and a celebration of life under the expert and passionate guidance of Kunal Pathak . I enjoyed the variation in activities, choice of accommodation and restaurants, commitment of service providers (local guides, driver of vehicle, skipper of sailing boat, chef etc), knowledge, commitment and general demeanor of our tour guide. There is nothing that I didn't enjoy...In my experience the best tour I have been on...Very good value for money...Everything happened on time, as planned and seemingly without any effort at all (although obviously a lot of work went into assuring that) ). Kunal Pathak is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, professional, kind, accommodating, gracious - everything one could ever wish for in a guide.
Arushi More
Canopus Holidays provided us an unparalleled opportunity to explore Turkey from ancient to modern times. The tremendous beauty of the natural setting combined with the knowledge and expertise of the guide made for an unforgettable adventure! The gulet's accommodations and elegance - including the sumptuous meals and extraordinary opportunities to swim or explore on kayak or windsurfer - made a relaxing and reviving base, too. We will never forget this trip with Canopus Holidays...and are already planning for another one!
Kiran Sanap
Our family had been looking forward to travelling with Canopus Holidays for years. Finally the kids were old enough, and we went....and it was everything we dreamed it would be and more. Relaxing, educational, a gorgeous boat, the most delicious food, beautiful scenery, and we made such good friends. Now my two boys want to be archaeologists when they grow up! To say they got a lot out of the tour would be a massive understatement and it was THE educational experience of a lifetime! We can't wait to come back for another family tour!
Sneha Jain
Wonderful holiday in a remote part of southern Turkey walking the newly opened Carian trail and staying on a Turkish gulet. We felt privileged to explore this very new walk with an excellent tour guide and local guide. I think we only met three other walkers. The food on the gulet was exceptionally nutritious and well presented and the crew were wonderfully adaptive and responsive to clients needs.
Adam Andrew
This was a well organised and exciting trip delving into the history of the area. The gulet was very spacious and comfortable and the food nutritious, delicious and well cooked. The walking was quite challenging for me but manageable and at a steady pace. The views were stunning. A very interesting trip accessible for a complete amateur with no knowledge of archaeology due to the dynamic presentation. Our tour leader was very interesting, recounting the history of the sites visited in a very accessible manner. The tour manager was excellent and it was all very enjoyable. Very well organised from beginning to end. I really recommend this trip.
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